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Next Step Legacy

Next Step Legacy Development

Here I need to give you a little history of Next Step Legacy. This is a journey for me. I developed this site first to work with individuals to blog about the difficulties in life while we were experiencing COVID in the 2020’s. I wanted to help individuals to have the opportunity like I have to learn to use the internet to generate passive income.
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Well, I did ok but not enough of you showed interest in this. So, I let my passion for Cycling take over the site. Focusing this site to offer opportunities to watch, source USA cycling, Read & Purchase items related to cycling. I Still love the Sport and am working my way back to health, So I started an Online Shop to push the fitness & health and my love for the sport to a new site. This allows me to focus on why I started Next Step Legacy to begin with…
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My journey to digital Marketing Started Here.
I still have a fultime position as a Sr. Production Manager and continue on in this capacity. I had to double production at this position, during the Pandemic & eliminate the Risk of delivering products for our customers. I also had a great group of people that creatively made the plant as safe as possible. Together we developed a swing shift & more than doubled our product capacity. It was a very stressful time for the company.
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Digital Marketing
I’m in my early 60’s and I began looking into my retirement and realized that I had lost a lot in my 401K and started looking online for opportunities to buy into a franchise. I had two reasons for this, 1. I would need the extra income during retirement (still working during retirement). 2. I needed to create the opportunity for my children to run a business after I really retire so that they would have some security.
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All of us are living in a time of extremes. You see it in the political and public worlds. In fact, all around the world. We are in need of stability. So, I found that the costs of starting a business are quite a barrier.
What a wakeup call for me!
In 2021 a McDonalds Franchise started with 3/4’s of a million dollars to buy into. Today it is more. I bet most of you have never realized how expensive a Franchise could be. The only way for me to do something like that was to pray someone would loan me the money to even try that. You can guess where that went. Right! Absolutely nowhere. The fact is you have to put skin in the game. Whatever that business is going to be, you have to finance it. I started to look at the online business models & quickly realized as smart as I thought I was with the internet, we I had to learn a whole new set of rules. It wasn’t long and I experienced the loss of family over the next two years & I took the brunt of a rear end car accident that left me without a car and medical bills. My physical health declined more over the last two years. Creating this online endeavor, I was challenged with 3 surgeries and lots of physical therapy. But I’m still here. Further developing my affiliate business.

I’m still onboard with using my skills to continue to do coaching & consulting on helping others learn to create their side hustle on the web but also to use my extensive background in Manufacturing production to help businesses overcome obstacles.

NSL will continue to Post challenges in commerce that affect us all. In hopes that these articles will help you understand the world you live in so you can make the best decisions for yourself. But now that I’m back, we’re going to dive into the Hustle of Digital Real Estate and How You Get Your Piece of the Pie!

I needed a side hustle to generate a new income stream for my family & myself.

You may need to do that too…

Your journey & working with you toward a financially free life-Style can start now…

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Marketing & Consulting is what I do. Helping individuals understand their Passion/Mission/Vocation/Profession that ultimately gives them a reason for being.

Developing & setting balance in your life – (personal, professional & physical) to achieve the life they want is Who We are.

My passion for cycling sports, travel, Entrepreneurship & connecting with Christ is where I started.

Helping you create wealth in the new digital economy, creating balance in your life for more time for you to do the things in life that are important to you. Helping you create you’re Legacy.

Take the Next Step.

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