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Member Directory

Member Directory • Your Role in an Online Business

Member Directory – Juliane Cogburn, Gerald Baldessin, Gerald Griego, Charlie Hughey, Bev Harris, Florencia Staggs, Gita Sinnett, Carina Pippin, Anneliese Pack

Who I am –
I’m a proactive production mgr. & online entrepreneur!
What do I do –
Online, I sell products using affiliate marketing techniques. I also coach & direct individuals to learn and implement affiliate marketing. I continue to educate myself in building an agency business to help others market themselves online to obtain customers.
Off line, I solve present as well as future & historic production problems by analysis. Then implement strategies and tactics to obtain results.
who I serve –
I serve God, Family & Work by forming habits at a young age to deal tactically with day-to-day issues and duties that must happen.
What makes me different –
I focus on People with Coaching/training individuals to meet their needs to be productive on or off line.
I continue to learn daily to help me personally, professionally so that I can use knowledge to complete transformation in myself & relationships.
Attention-grabbing hook –
empower us to do good What habit can I help you with to transform your life in a positive way.
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