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Mission Statement

Mission statement
This site is created to not just do affiliate marketing, comparing different products you might find useful. This site shares InSight on global economic issues that affect the markets that we live and work in. It is our hope that you find our posts informational and you gain interest in learning how to use the internet to create a low cost/ low risk investment to start your own business online.


This site believes that creating a revenue stream through different online markets will sustain you through local & Global economic crisis.

Don’t Get Caught Up…

Don’t Get Caught Up in the I work 3 hours a day from my laptop on the beach and make a million a year. This does happen but you must understand that those individuals started with nothing.
With their accomplishments, they now work a few hours a day but that is because they have built a business where others do the work and the internet system they created allows them the time away from a daily grind.
They worked to create the revenue stream and most used proven business models that account for the income from an online business.

Millionaires are Entrepreneurs

It is recognized that almost all Millionaires are Entrepreneurs. They don’t come from Ivy league Schools. Most come from untraditional backgrounds that didn’t go through traditional education.

What is the goal of affiliate marketing? A digital Agency? Digital Course Creation? & even creating items to sell online?

The goal is the same for all three. Revenue streams!
Could you learn a non-traditional way to increase your personal wealth?
Imagine YOU creating an online business without using Brick & Mortar business models?
Understand the difference between a Franchise Business and an Online Business?
We are here to coach & consult.
Will guide you to make an appropriate decision for yourself with our sponsored products or possibly coaching & consulting to help you to move forward in developing your current business or a new online business.
Leverage the difference

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